SKYDIVING Bakersfield

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  • All your trepidations are put into perspective during an almost unimaginable view of the planet. Everything is peaceful; this is how Earth is intended to be seen, and you feel the wind carrying you in the air as your mind races to take everything in.
  • Skydiving mesmerizes your attention to the calmness and liberty of the experience; it guides you away from the stress, worries and annoyances of everyday life.
  • Nothing is quite so impossible as it was the time before, and your mind breaks to the reality you wish to exist.
  • The most exciting individuals are those that see and complete new activities, and skydiving exemplifies the best of that. Become the kind of person you want to be, in the most enjoyable way possible.


You must be 18 years old to skydive in most states, and it's actually even 19 in Alabama. Parents or guardians can't influence the legal age limit, no matter if they approve. The oldest person we discovered to go skydiving was 103 when they dove from a perfectly reliable aircraft; even though everyone must be physically able, there is no upper age limit.


A tandem skydiving adventure around Bakersfield will likely take roughly 3 hours, but you should plan on having to spend about half a day at your Bakersfield area skydiving location. For the first stage of the Bakersfield Skydiving school network certification program, the additional instruction involved will take the remainder of the day. The initial jump of the AFF class requires an about 6 hour ground course to provide safety and methodology education. There's nearly no training for a tandem student, due to the fact that the tandem master should do all the work. Significant variations in instruction time make the experience last longer for AFF students.


They might be also included with your tandem skydive, or images might be included with your order of a video. It just depends upon the Bakersfield Skydiving area network location you pick. Mostly all places sell DVD's for their video bundles, but a few offer stills too.


Yes! There are many way ins which to document your experiences at Bakersfield Skydiving network centers. Taking photos in freefall must be left up to the discretion of the pros, yet you could take pictures in the airplane and have buddies take photos of your landing. Reactions straight after they get to the ground are prized when caught. With a little creativeness, taking a camera can save some great memories.


Most people associate freefall with the feeling of falling in an elevator. Contrary to common belief, it is absolutely nothing like that. In fact, it really feels far more like flying than dropping. Even more like the slow and silent sort, the parachute flight to landing is tranquil and awe inspiring.


Far more surprising than anything, your chute will feel like you're suddenly sailing upward as opposed to decelerating. The initial parachute will release, followed by the primary canopy. As soon as you, your harness, and instructor stop sensing the pull of the lines coming from the parachute, you'll start to take slow-moving drifts while you descend until it's time to come down. The drop area will be marked off with air socks or various other measures, and, just after a brief flare (pulling on the risers), you'll land sitting down.

Can the main chute not deploy? What happens if it doesn't?

While this is a highly unlikely situation, there is always a backup plan. Every parachute is prepared by an FAA certified rigger and contains a reserve chute for this case. Every single rig is routinely inspected and maintained to satisfy or exceed USPA regulations for safety. If low altitude is achieved with no indicator of your main parachute release, your reserve will instantly release. A device known as an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) is triggered and the reserve chute is released instantly to allow the skydiver to land safely.

What is the flight duration?

Each flight is different and the flight, glide and instruction time is different day to day. A number of elements impact the amount of time of your Bakersfield adventure such as: cloud cover and wind, time of parachute launch, and the prior jumper's time. Your experience will be separated into two sections, the flight and freefall and the parachute glide and landing. Your flight to altitude will generally last 10-15 minutes with a full 60 seconds of freefall following (this is the most exhilarating portion of your dive). After free fall to around 5,000 feet, you or your instructor will deploy your parachute and descend smoothly to the ground. Gliding typically lasts 5-7 minutes.

Is the landing harsh?

No way. Bakersfield Skydiving is positive that all the mandated operation techniques are more than enough to essentially promise the well being and safety of each customer. During the early years of skydiving, landing was a lot more challenging. However, the modern parachutes of today slow the jumper enough to perform a smoother landing.

Can skydiving be scary?

You could feel that way or you may not. The anticipation of your dive along with the exhilaration may lead to a quavering feeling in your stomach, but this is a very typical human response. Despite the anxious feelings you have before the journey, once you are done with your 1st skydive, you won't regret taking the jump. The pleasure you will feel high amid the clouds will be sufficient to nullify any nervousness you may have experienced.

What to take with me? How to dress?

Should I wear certain clothing and maybe bring something? All skydiving locations are unique. However, a few basic items you may choose to bring with you are a video camera or mobile phone, sunscreen, a pair of shades, or binoculars. These things are going to need to be kept on the ground while you are on your dive (they will slip out, trust us). Glasses or contacts should be fine to wear as the site will provide you with goggles to go over either one. Please dress in tough pants or long shorts and a t-shirt and athletic shoes. Slip on footwear is not allowed. You will be provided all of the basic skydiving essentials on location. Spectators are definitely invited to come and take photos of you from the ground and check out your complete experience!

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